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Welcome to Roland Walter's homepage. I am a software (especially MS Windows) and hardware (especially microcontroller) developer and consultant.
You will find, in this site, stuff for Windows programming and for microcontrollers (mainly AVR).

I specialise in fast and efficient applications, especially in areas where other developers have reached a limit. Please understand that I program also for Visual Basic but never in Visual Basic.
You will find several free tools and information in the following pages which are a by-product of my commercial projects. In particular, newcomers will be able to find helpful information here. In addition, professionals are welcome who understand that it is harmful for business when all information is secret and everything is traded for money only.
The content of my web pages is free for non-commercial use.

Roland Walter
Treskowstr. 4
D-13156 Berlin
Tel: 049-(0)30-47002266
Fax/A.M.: 049-(0)30-47002268